About This Blog

The purpose of this blog is to serve as an experiment – an experiment to get out of debt. Rather than KMyMoney or GnuCash files, or bloated spreadsheets to track and help eliminate my debt, I’ve turned to blogging. Granted, I love playing with spreadsheets, and all the awesome things I can do with them, but I also like to try new, creative ways of going about things. I also know how quickly my spreadsheeting prowess can get out of hand.

Let’s get this straight – I hate debt. Any of it. No matter how large or small. Debt rules, and right now, pretty much consumes every paycheck I get in my efforts to keep up with it, nonetheless knock it down.

It is easy to see, that you are not used to this business of adventures. Those are giants, and if you are afraid, away with you out of here and betake yourself to prayer, while I engage them in fierce and unequal combat.

Getting out of debt is more than just throwing a little extra onto your bills every month. A serious effort requires terrible budgeting (something I have experience with), as well as living within your means (or, as I like to call it, frugally, something I have a ridiculous amount of experience with). So, not only am I going to keep track of my waxing and waning debt here, I’m also going to keep track of my expenses – every single one, as every single one counts – and how much I save by living as frugally as bearable.

So, off we go, on another adventure. Here are the beginning figures:

Grand total: $8714.88


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  2. Good luck, or as the French say “Bon Chance”.

    In addition to all the other crap I’m working on, I’m trying the same thing with my blog; or intend to in the upcoming time.

    Have you got a strategy? I’ve got a pretty solid plan that I think will work, I’ve got some serious debts, but no one explained to me what home “ownership” really meant

  3. good luck! I’m hoping to be debt free by the end of next year, Frugal Gods willing..

  4. I read through your blog and it looks like you are having trouble resisting spending money that you don’t have. Getting out of debt takes a complete lifestyle change and sometimes calls for desperate measures. When I created my budget I would still spend a little here and there and just tack it on, after a while I realized nothing really had changed. From then on I decided to go about it a different way, I had a friend hold on to my credit and debit cards and I was only allowed to have $15 in my wallet per day. Buying your camera was a big mistake if you are serious about a lifestyle change, maybe you could benefit from external help in the same way I did. If you make it as difficult as possible to spend money then you will reap the rewards.

  5. The most powerful word in the English language is the word “NO!” When I learned to tell myself “NO!”, I finally started winning with money.

    Good luck!

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